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Cutting tools market is beginning to resemble a household or electronics market. Manufacturers are trying to invent ever-new names for products with identical properties. It is increasingly difficult to find valuable and truly innovative products. The cutting tools market also finds a lot of similar products from different suppliers. To find out which of them are the best in given conditions, it is necessary to carry out tests. TIZ systems solve this problem.

As an engineering company, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of machining. In its activities, the focus is not only on the production and distribution of high-performance cutting tools, but also on the professional technical support in the field of machining and the correct selection of tools. Moreover, we implement modern industrial solutions.

We are on the Polish market since 1995. Our company has an extensive network of distributors throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. In the future, we plan to expand our business to other countries.





In the offer, we have a wide range of tools and multiple cutting edge inserts for all turning operations. The combination of different carbides and protective coatings allows to get the maximum tool life and efficiency.


Milling tools, for example: end mills, ball end mills, torus end mills, side and face milling cutters, T-slot cutters, conical mills. We offer a wide range of coated tools, which are recommended for milling molds, dies, injection moulds and parts of automotive and aerospace industries.


We offer tools for drilling and holes machining, carbide, HSSCo, HSS drills with different coats, high-performance indexable drills with KRUZ inserts and spade drills.


In addition to the standard taps, we recommend high-performance machine taps, which allow for twice or even 3 times faster machining. We have taps suitable for each material group: P, M, S, K, H, N.


In the offer, we have a wide range of precision toolholders for rotary tools. We propose modular toolholders system “Infinity” for machining with long shank (<1000mm). The system allows for machining in hard available places.


We offer vices of the highest accuracy and repeatability, which are adapted to the attachment of elements in the CNC machines. The CNC working area can be maximally utilised thanks to its optimal combination with the clamping force.

We offer:

  • Self-centring vices
  • Standard vices
  • Mechanical vices (clamping force up to 8 tonnes)
  • Pneumatic vices
  • Two-piece vices
  • Radial and swivel vices
  • Modular LVF vices (with CNC control system, for large series manufacturing)


Such system form series of mounting elements, which are made of cast iron and aluminium. There is a possibility to mount many details in one attachment. Cast iron corps suppress vibrations, whereas aluminium ones are used for making recesses, which fit into the workpiece. They enable maximum utilisation of the machine working are by ensuring the stability and stable attachment.

We offer:

  • Location columns (for mounting parts on CNC machines with swivel tables or many-axis machines)
  • Mounting plates (stable mounting of large elements)
  • Base elements


Multi-handles are mounted on lathes and machining tables. There are adjustable and self-centering handles in our offer. High precision and repeatability of the clamping allow for very accurate machining. Perfect for mounting molds and forging.

Handles types:

  • Hydraulic handles
  • Pneumatic handles
  • Lathe revolving centers
  • Self-centring lathe centers


These are tools for multi-purpose machining. They are used for gears machining, sprocket wheels, pistons, splines, components used in the aerospace and automotive industries. This tools are characterized by the finest quality of the machined parts and high process efficiency. In addition, we offer a wide range of coatings which increase tool life and performance.


High quality hobs are used to machine spur and helical gears. On request, we make: chamfers, corners and other modifications of the tooth profile.

We offer following tools:

  • Module and pitch hobs
  • Worm wheel hobs
  • Master gears
  • Two-pieces rough-finishing hobs


In our offer, we have spur and helical gear shaper cutters. These tools are for machining of all types of internal and external gear teeth, involute profiles, chain and helical gears. We also offer locking pins, which are used to determine the pitch diameter or basic diameter of internal splines or involute shapes.


We offer diamond and CBN wheels. This is an optimum solution improving the quality and productivity of grinding of cutting tools that take on a variety of shapes and are made of various materials. Basing on our extensive experience in tool manufacturing, we have developed an innovative bold to increase productivity and quality of grinded parts. We have series of ISO grinding wheels. We also encourage you to order special grinding wheels.


We offer carbide rods, which are from ø1 to ø32 in diameter, and 310mm or 330mm in length. It is possible to cut rods on special order. We offer grinded (tolerance h6) and raw carbide rods.  Rods are available in several grades, in various average grain sizes (from 0.2 μm to several μm) and TRS coefficients (from 2600 to 4500 N/mm2). We have general purpose rods (economical) and rods of the highest possible quality, which are adapted to machining of hardened steel and difficult-to-machine materials.


Special tools are used in complex machining operations. They enable an increase in the productivity and machining of non-technological elements. These are untypical solutions tailored to the individual customers’ needs. This group of tools is formed by: monolithic tools, indexable tools and monoblocks (a tool made of solid rod, where working length and shaft are one element), which ensure the maximum efficiency and quality of the machining.

Available special tools are, for example:

  • Boring bars (rough and finishing)
  • Drills (indexable)
  • Milling tools
  • Turning tools
  • Multioperational tools
  • Milling toolholders
  • Reductions and Extensions
  • Anti-vibrations tools
  • Driven tools





One of the most important postulates of the TIZ Implements policy is the protection of natural environment. The company fulfills this policy by implementing various operations, i.e. regeneration of used cutting tools. By using this method, TIZ Implements not only protects the nature, but also lowers the costs of tool management. The cost of regeneration is only 30-35% of the price of a new tool! It is also worthwhile to renew the cheaper tools offered by almost all machining companies. According to our estimates, as many as 80% of the repaired tools are the most popular, whose price is not too high. It is possible to renew all tools, regardless of the manufacturer.

 Regeneration involves the repair and renewal of tools, thanks to which they can be reused. Unlike in the popular sharpening service, regeneration is not a loss-making method. The renewed tools work like new - they retain the same parameters and undergo the same tests. Even the tools, which have been regenerated three times (cutting edges are preserved in the same tolerances; changes in axial/radial run-out are minimal; the hardness and properties of the material are close to the original), have original properties. The regenerated tools are tested for concentricity and straightness. The customers get the quality protocol of the tool. We can regenerate various tools which have been damaged in the machining. TIZ Implements provides renewal services: broken or damaged cutting edges/gashes, damaged threads, blocked screw. In addition, the company repairs wear damage measured at the cutting diameter and the tool face.

TIZ Implements appreciates innovative solutions. The company takes care of time and comfort of the entrepreneurs, and the quality of services. To achieve these goals, TIZ Implements has been investing in the latest systems and equipment over the years. Thanks to this, the company distinguishes itself on the market and the customers trust us.


In response to growing customer needs, TIZ Implements has decided to implement a well-functioning B2B system. The platform is used for comprehensive customer service - it simplifies the ordering process and makes it easier to find our tools based on their features (price, dimensions, application). The system allows for constant online contact with technologists.

The dynamically changing business environment, the ever-increasing number of projects, the need to invest in new employees, the rapid development of technology, and the need to increase productivity are the enormous challenges facing all developing companies. TIZ Implements supports entrepreneurs by providing an outsourcing service. Such cooperation allows for the real support for the client's business strategy, the optimization of processes and costs, and the increase of innovativeness. 

It is also professional support for specialized staff, which, while implementing more orders or new projects, is more burdened, which can result in lower efficiency and quality of work. TIZ Implements, in order to complete the preparation of a technology process, performs an audit of the state of technology in a given company.  This involves an overview of machine and software solutions used by the customer. The audit also identifies problems and adjusts infrastructure to the customer’s need.


TIZ Implements has many years of experience in the preparation of postprocessors, machine simulation, and the implementation of popular CAM systems. Customers value the competency and professionalism of our solutions. TIZ Implements supports companies, which have just started operating in CNC machining, explaining any doubts about machine software or computer numerical control systems.

Also, TIZ Implements collaborates with experienced customers. On the customers’ request, the company equips postprocessors with advanced options and functionalities.

We strive to ensure that our customers make decisions consciously. Any person, who calls to the TIZ Implements, will receive professional help and support, because, as experts in the field of machining, we realize how very troublesome choosing the right tools may be for the customers.

A large number of offers on the market and extensive catalogues containing specialist terminology; lack of time; the need to precisely estimate the costs, and finally adapting the offer to the real needs of the company - are just some of the problems faced by the person making the purchase of cutting tools. 

After analysing customer needs and encountered difficulties, we decided to add to our offer two services which have distinguished us in the market – training, and supporting systems. Those who have chosen TIZ Implements have a chance to gain knowledge and narrow down the selection of tools independently, taking into account the nature of their business in the first place. This way we support our customers to obtain their goals.



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