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New Hi-Feed milling heads

By Seweryn Łoboda | Mar 20th, 2015 | Nowości | No Comments

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Our high feed cutter has the capacity to achieve 5 times higher feed rate than other existing cutters in the market. This is due to its unique design and insert positioning. M670 cutters also has a tremendous advantage, when used in a long (extended) toolholder. These cutters absorb vibration and greatly reduces the instability and deflection of the tool.


High feed milling is possible due to the small angle of entering. With the new geometry SDXF is possible to significantly increase the feed rate by reducing the thickness of the chip. P205 grade PVD coated plates prevents overloading due to an increase feed rate. wióra. Gatunek P205 z pokryciem PVD zapobiega przeciążeniu płytek z powodu zwiększenia prędkości posuwu.


Hi-Feed M670 for SDXF

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