Thank you for your visit at EMO Hannover

Dear Guests,

We thank all the visitors, customers, dealers and agents for visiting our booth at EMO Hannover.
We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or suggestion you need.
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EMO Hannover Fair

We invite you to visit our stand at the EMO trade fair in Hannover, which will take place from September 16-21, 2019. We will present our latest technologies and custom tool solutions.
Our team of experts in the field of machining processes and strategies in the aviation, automotive and medical industries will be pleased to provide detailed information on the latest tools. We will also present an innovative CAPP environment supporting the work of the technology department and preparation of production: TizLAB.
Join us and share our enthusiasm into future solutions and first-class services that meet the needs of today's dynamic production environment.
We are waiting for you in Hall 5 C83!

The ITM Machtool 2017 fair is already behind us!

The ITM Machtool 2017 fair finished on 9th June in Poznań. At the stand 4 (hall 3), TIZ Implements Ltd. presented its variety of services and selection of cutting tools. The novelties in OUR offer aroused a big interest.

We thank all visitors for the meetings, conversations, and the interest. We invite you to contact us.

Solid carbide rods

Carbide rods-01

Indexable cutting tools repair


Modular Taps System

baner strona

1. Changeable tap reduces the risk of getting breakage in workpiece.
2. Effective chip remover, less heat formation during machining.
3. Very strong and durable insert with unique insert geometry design can reach insert
toollife 10 times longer.
4. 300-500% times better cutting efficiency, impressive shorter cycle time.

Locking Type Taps - One Shank For Different Pitches/ One Insert For Different Shanks

New milling Head for inserts – ONMX 0806 C431 P205.


TIZ Implements is delighted to offer a new addition to our Milling line – ONMX 0806 C431 P205.

  • Double-sided octagonal milling insert for 43 degrees approach angle
  • Optimized negative milling design
  • The best coating & grade combination


This new developed insert is completing the TIZ line with the latest and most modern technique in Milling. The double sided design allows medium depths of cut with high feeds and the economy of 16 cutting edges.

Application Area

  • Face Milling
  • 1st choice for Steels and Cast Irons, but also able to machine softer materials with a limited depth of cut
  • Conventional & CNC machining
  • Dry & Wet machining (Follow the recommendations per material)



ONMX Milling Head


New Hi-Feed milling heads

post 1

Our high feed cutter has the capacity to achieve 5 times higher feed rate than other existing cutters in the market. This is due to its unique design and insert positioning. M670 cutters also has a tremendous advantage, when used in a long (extended) toolholder. These cutters absorb vibration and greatly reduces the instability and deflection of the tool.


High feed milling is possible due to the small angle of entering. With the new geometry SDXF is possible to significantly increase the feed rate by reducing the thickness of the chip. P205 grade PVD coated plates prevents overloading due to an increase feed rate. wióra. Gatunek P205 z pokryciem PVD zapobiega przeciążeniu płytek z powodu zwiększenia prędkości posuwu.


Hi-Feed M670 for SDXF

Tools for composite materials in aircraft industry

baner comp an


• Special point type improves hole quality for Composite Material
• Minimized burr and delamination at Entry / Exit Hole
• Outstanding performance
• Long tool life and increased production by Diamond Coatingo




• For Composite Materials – CFRP, GFRP
• Reduce delamination and burrs
• Excellent abrasion resistance due to Diamond Coating


Tools for composite materials


High-performance alternative to gun-drills

Kruz long an
Gun-drilling operation is required to run very long production time due to slower feed rate. This KRUZ extra-long drill is capable to apply deep hole drilling like Gun-drlls but up to 10 timest faster due to higher feed rate.

What is advantage to use KRUZ extra-long drill?

  1. Internal coolant fed design.
  2. Helical flute geometry(not staright fluted) to eject chips quickly.
  3. Faster hole making with higher feed rate.
  4. Welded carbide wear parts for the flute part as a guide.
  5. Compatible to fit standard carbide drill insert(IDSH).
  6. Available max. overall length 1000mm(dia.25mm or over).
  7. Available with different shank(6535HA, HE, HB shank).


Kruz long an2

All inserts are made of ultra-micro grain carbide material. This would be greatly affected on higher performance and strong durability for various materials from soft to harder work pieces, even for difficult exotic materials.


KRUZ extra-long drill

Polish product of the future


We are happy to announce that TIZ IMPLEMENTS company on December 1, 2014 received an award

“Polish Product of the Future” on behalf of Polish Enterprise Development Agency of PARP.

Prize was personally handed by Deputy Prime Minister – Janusz Piechociński and President of PARP – Bozena Lublińska-Kasprzak.

We hope that this award will result in even greater cooperation of Your company with TIZ IMPLEMENTS and bring  mutual benefits.

Skan_20141201 (2)

Burnishing rollers


TIZ Type Tools are used for the aim of burnishing the stepped-plain shafts, female tapers and flat surfaces. The tools provide as well as surface hardness and at low rate calibration (measurement accuracy) beside of burnishing. The tools provide time saving through a high processing power and speed and this is a motive to prefer for the serial production.

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Burnishing rollers

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Tools for efficient gear machining



Hobs: solid or indexable (with soldered carbide inserts), with high quality HSS or carbide cutting edges, often with protective PVD coating. Tools for effective gear machining.

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INFINITY Modular System




Currently, high-precision metals machining, such as drilling, reaming, boring, thread milling or planning, typically require different kinds of holders and tools. Therefore, great efforts are required to develop holders for various specific applications. It is even more difficult task to achieve high precision and high clamping force of holder for various applications. Provides both flexibility and stabilization.

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