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Tools for efficient gear machining

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Hobs: solid or indexable (with soldered carbide inserts), with high quality HSS or carbide cutting edges, often with protective PVD coating. Tools for effective gear machining.

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Tools types :

We have extensive range of tools, main division of Our assortment, distinguish due to:

  • Purpose: standard use, chain gears, drive belts, spline shafts (standard and involute);
  • Material: HSS, carbide, PVD coated;
  • Type: Roughing (solid and indexable), High effective TURBO type hobs, all-purpose hobs;
  • Mounting: arbor or shank type
  • Additional tools: master gears, shaper cutters (bell, shank and disc type), broachers (round, polygonal, spline, serration and special)



Gear properties:

Factors influencing quality and price Tool advantages/Features description 
Tool material (HSS, carbide) High hardness and wear resistance
Coating(PVD) and imposition method Easier chip clearance, less vibration, higher max. temperature, greater durability and longer tool life
Tool grinding on CNC grinders Proper geometry, greater sharpness of CE, fewer defects of CE, smoother surface
Tool mounting (arbor, shank) In case of shank cutters its causes more elements to make (arbor, tool and shaft)
Cutting edge geometry (standard / special) Processing of non-standard shapes
Tool type (solid/indexable) Indexable hobs are larger, body material is less expensive beside of solid cutter
Tolerance (B, A, AA, AAA) Ability to perform higher quality components
Module (m:0,5 -40+) Gear machining from given module range
Tool dimensions (⌀D, L) Ability of producing a few items at a same time, greater rigidity processing, processing of larger wheels

PVD coatings: 

PVD tools improve resistance to heat and abrasion: high quality PVD layers offers an advantage in milling. Reduces friction and wear resistance in compare to conventional and HSM milling (“wet / dry” machining). Modern technology provides a smooth coating layer, reducing the friction between evacuated chips, and a tool.



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